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UPSC Optional Subject - Public Administration
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Special Guidance By,Sandip Rathod(Pune)

Selection of a proper and better optional subject for the Civil Service Exam is a difficult problem for the aspirants of Civil Service in the present competitive scenario. It could be decided only on the basis of proper information regarding the subject.

The basis for the selection of any optional could be:
1. Specifically defined and comparatively small syllabus,

2. Easy availability of study material,
3. Interesting and short subject material,
4. Scoring nature of the subject.
5. Availability of experienced guideline

1.Why Public Administration?

The aspirants opting for Public Administration are totally new for the subject as it is not available at the universities level. So, they are free from any competition among the students of Public Administration which is not there in any other subject because those are taught in universities.

The syllabus of Public Administration is relatively short as well as it is well defined. The study material is easily available and compact in nature. It being a popular and scoring optional subject has got easy availability of experienced guidelines. The scientific and logical nature of the subject helps to prepare the subject for main examination within less span of time. This helps the candidates for the preparation of Essay and General Studies papers with “extra time” and ensures better performance and marks in examinations. Thus, the Public Administration is a popular and successful optional subject in Civil Service Examination.

The students of Political Science have got extra edge in this subject as the Public administration is the offspring of Political Science. Henceforth, there are many similarities between the two in their subject matter. The knowledge and concepts of Political Science are used in this subject for variation in the style of presentation of the answers. It is, of course, more scoring and has got concise syllabus than the other subjects. The portion of Indian Administration is very much related to the constitutional aspects of India. So the study of Public Administration as an optional subject is very much helpful for the Indian Polity portion of General Studies in the Preliminary and Main examination as well. Now a days, the questions of Indian Polity in the examination have got the applied and administrative nature and implications. The Public Administration makes such answers more relevant.

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